Why should you choose us ?
Our esteemed guests,we are always working for the best in order to provide the best service to you, at Manavgat at favorite resort area of the Mediterranean Region.
Free shuttle service
During your holiday period we provide free shutle from most of the hotels to our clinic. Please confirm if your hotel is included to our rute while making your reservation at our clinic.
Free Food & Beverage
We offer free food and beverage to our guests.
Friendly service
Our expert staff is always with you for your all your medical needs.
Some of the photos regarding customer happiness&satisfaction are displayed at our web.site
Hemodialysis is the process of removing various harmful products, such as urea, creatinine, potassium, phosphorus and water which are accumulated in the body due to kidney failure, by means of a semipermeable membrane located outside the body.
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